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CareerDash is here to help untapped talent launch careers in business development or recruiting.

We identified in-demand careers in high-growth industries.

Then, we built content based on what hiring managers needed from those roles. Finally, we built world-class programs on top of that content with live instructors, guided assignments, and hands-on training to give students the ability to find, earn, and outperform in those careers. Choose from one of our certified 8-week programs in Business Development or Recruiting to launch your new remote career.

What makes us different...

Flexible Training

Our eight week programs are structured to allow you to learn at your own time. Schedule your private live coaching sessions when they fit your life.

Dedicated Team

When you join one of our programs, you'll receive a dedicated student success manager, career coach, and recruiter who are all dedicated to training, certifying, and helping you land a job that's right for you.

Guaranteed Work Experience

All students are guaranteed (but not required) the opportunity to work for CareerDash's Career Center while in the program. Get real world experience to help you develop as a talent, prove to hiring companies you're here to succeed, earn commission, and have a blast on our team.

Lifetime Career Center

Our Career Services provide you everything you need to successfully land your first role. You'll receive 8 hours of career coaching to help you prepare your resume, find potential job opportunities, and prep for your interviews.

When you finish one of our programs, you're not finished with us. Not by a long shot. We're dedicated to growing your career from your first job to your last with our massive partner network, continued education, and active alumni.

Why business development and recruiting?

Here's Why

100,000 Job Openings

Depending on the company there are many different names for entry level business development and recruiting positions. Our programs are designed to help you land and excel in roles with titles like Recruiter, Business Development, Sales Development, Talent Sourcer, and more.

$45k - $80k Average Starting Salary

The harder you work, the more you make. Entry-level graduates can expect anywhere from $45K to $80K per year in their first job. From there, the sky is the limit.

Endless Career Paths

This is where great companies look to find early talent to grow and develop for bigger positions. The most common promotions for our graduates are Account Executives, Customer Success Managers, Team Leaders, Technical Recruiting, and Sales Operations. However, depending on the company, there is often an opportunity to move into a completely different department depending on your goals.

Remote Friendly

Hoping to ditch the office setting and start working from home? These careers are HIGHLY remote friendly and offer plenty of opportunities to launch careers right from your home office.

Look what our grads say

Our programs

We proudly offer industry-certified training programs in Business Development and Recruiting.

Recruiter Program

Recruiting is a career path that helps others succeed. In this role, you’ll match top talent with the right position. As a people person, you’ll network, communicate and connect people to careers that are not only right for them, but meet the company’s or organization’s needs. Do you love learning about people? Do you want to help others in their careers?

Business Development Program

Business Development is all about providing opportunities for the company or organization you work for. Sometimes it’s through sales, sometimes it’s through relationships. You’ll be researching, connecting, and growing a network that will connect your company to others.

Do you love talking to people?  Do you like networking with others in your community?

meeting, team, workplace

How much will it cost?

meeting, team, workplace

2 Options

Upfront Tuition: $2800

Monthly Payments: $234/month for 12 months with payments beginning at the start of the program.

**Scholarships, MyCAA, and Financial Assistance also available. Connect with a program specialist to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

None! We take your life experience and train you alongside our high-level Career Coaches for hands-on experience, in addition to traditional online learning.

We give you up to 8 weeks to complete our training but motivated students can finish in as few as 4 weeks.


*Typical students complete the course in 6-8 weeks.

We offer several different live session slots throughout the week to be as available as possible to our student base. If a time slot does not work for you, you can coordinate with your Career Coach.

First and foremost, our graduates!  100% of our graduates have indicated that they would recommend our training to others with similar career aspirations.

We also have a large network of hiring companies who believe in our programs and graduates.

Not to mention outstanding universities like Purdue and UMass use our programs for their own students.

We simply ask for your dedication.  Our programs were designed to fit into your ever-changing lifestyle.  Students are required to attain average grades of 85% or above on tests and assignments in order to be awarded a certificate.

Great question! While several factors play into getting hired, we are proud to say that the majority of our graduates have received offer letters from companies they desire within 90 days of completing our programming.  Some take job offers while still in the program!

We have cohorts running twice a month on the first and third Mondays of each month.  Contact a team member today for more information.

Nope. If you have one, you can use many of those skills in your work. However, the career program we offer does not require a college degree. It just requires training, skills, and talent (which we will teach you).  Both jobs do require solid written and verbal communication skills.

That depends on the company you work for and the location you take your first role.  That said, most entry-level positions within the fields that we designed our programs around start with an average yearly earnings in the $40k-$70k range with a 12-18 month promotion range.

Absolutely!  Our courses were built to fit into your already hectic schedule. Depending on whether you’re paying tuition directly or a schoalrship recipient

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