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Helping you land a new career that meets your needs and goals by connecting you with  Career Training &  Placement Services for Recruiting & Business Development Careers. This opportunity is provided in partnership with The Salvation Army of Colorado.

Two In-Demand Courses

We proudly offer industry-certified training programs in Business Development and Recruiting.

Recruiter Program

Recruiting is a career path that helps others succeed. In this role, you’ll match top talent with the right position. As a people person, you’ll network, communicate and connect people to careers that are not only right for them, but meet the company’s or organization’s needs. Do you love learning about people? Do you want to help others in their careers?

Business Development Program

Business Development is all about providing opportunities for the company or organization you work for. Sometimes it’s through sales, sometimes it’s through relationships. You’ll be researching, connecting, and growing a network that will connect your company to others.

Do you love talking to people?  Do you like networking with others in your community?

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