Employer Sponsor Marketing Spend




Career Dash Employer Sponsor Marketing Spend Description:

The Marketing Spend will begin at $500 and may be increased in increments of $500 by Employer Sponsor at any time during the agreement period.

    1. CareerDash will market the designated program to candidate profiles agreed upon by the Employer.
    2. CareerDash will enroll any inbound leads directly into an Employer exclusive marketing workflow where candidates will be offered to apply for sponsorship from the Employer. 
    3. CareerDash will assist in facilitating the sponsorship application process by:
      1. Providing a customized application form
      2. Coordinating up to two interviews with Employer Points of Contact (POC)
    4. The Employer retains exclusive rights and obligations to: 
      1. Determine application criteria and fields of information requested
      2. Determine application process and requirements
      3. Determine sponsorship recipients
      4. Manage the background check process, if applicable