CareerDash Employer Partner Membership (1 Month)




Career Center Hiring Partnership Description:

    1. Employer Partner will be provided a company-specific slack channel on the CareerDash Academy Slack Account.
      1. Employer Partner will be authorized to promote job opportunities, events, or content that are specific to employment opportunities directly with Employer Partner
      2. Employer Partner is authorized to directly interact with any student that has opted into the Employer Partner slack channel
    2. CareerDash will promote Employer Partner and the Employer Partner slack channel directly to students and alumni in the following ways:
      1. Launch – 
        1. Announcement of partnership and any job opportunities through relevant CareerDash communication channels including but not limited to:
          1. CareerDash Academy “Land a Job” Slack Channel
          2. CareerDash social media channels
          3. CareerDash email newsletters
      2. New Student Onboarding
        1. Students will be directly communicated to Employer Partner’s status of Hiring Partner and any relevant job openings within the first week of onboarding and encouraged to join Employer Partner’s slack channel if they’re interested.
      3. New Job Openings
        1. Any new job openings directly related to employment with Employer Partner and requested by Employer Partner for promotion will be announced by CareerDash to students and alumni in the appropriate channels
    3. Employer Partner retains rights and obligations to: 
      1. Manage the Employer Partner slack channel and any posted content or member interactions
      2. Determine membership to the Employer Partner slack channel
    4. CareerDash retains the right but is not obligated to:
      1. Assist Employer Partner in managing or removing any unwanted posted content or inappropriate behavior in the Employer Partner slack channel
      2. Remove members from the Employer Partner slack channel if student or alumni has violated any term or agreement directly with CareerDash
      3. Use the Employer Partner logo with relation to Career Center Hiring Partnerships through its own websites or content.
    5. Parties agree to allow promotion of the partnership through articles, websites, newsletters, social media, and media requests where appropriate and agreed upon. 
    6. Parties agree to notify the other party and seek approval of any public announcement regarding the partnership in advance of its release, or of any media coverage of the partnership or program, including, but not limited to, print, broadcast, and electronic media. 
    7. Parties agree to refrain from disparaging the other party, quoting any portion of reports or documentation out of context, or misrepresenting the efforts of the other party.
    8. Each party agrees to assign a dedicated POC for all processing, communications, and relationship management.