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Our formula is a proven model to
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MilSpo Academy knows there’s more to education than training.

That’s why we built our programs to live alongside an exclusive MilSpo Academy community where students can interact, share tips, ask questions, and be an active member of their academy.



We identified in-demand careers in high growth industries.

Then, we built content based on what THEY needed in those roles.

Finally, we built world class programs on top of that content with live instructors, guided assignments, and hands-on training to give students the ability to find, earn, and outperform in those careers.




At the end of our programs, students are given access to certification assessments from recognized associations in their fields to prove they have the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful.



After certification, our students enter our Landing a Job program where they’ll receive resume editing, live interview practice with a recruiter, assistants with their social profiles, a guided career search, and more. Everything you need to land the right role.



Graduates will have LIFETIME access to our Career Center where we partner with established professional communities to connect you with exclusive access to job networks, on-going support, development, monthly guest speakers, and most importantly other Military Spouses.

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Top Questions

What kind of experience do I need?

None! We take your life experience as a military spouse and turn those skills into marketable talents which turn into remote careers.

How long does it take to complete the training?

All programs are 8 weeks in length and then usually a minimum of 5 weeks for placement assistance.  


However, the Career Center is for life.

Do I need to have a college degree?

Nope. If you have one, you can use many of those skills in your work, however, the career programs we offer do not require a college degree, they just require training, skills, and talent (which we will teach you).

How important is my age?

Not important at all! We’ve had students in their early twenties and those in their early forties and gotten them all jobs. We know that the military life requires sacrifices and dedication to your family, so we accept any age student because now’s the time for you to shine.

Are there really jobs waiting for me at the end?

You tell us. As we write this, there are over 100,000 open roles for our positions that you would qualify for. See for yourself though by searching Indeed.


What kind of payment options are available?

All of our programs offer upfront, monthly installment, and MyCAA funds.

Hire our Graduates

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Become a MilSpo Academy Hiring Partner and get access to vetted talent actively looking for employment.

Email our team at hire@milspoacademy.com

Leslie W. MilSpo Academy Graduate