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We’re Not Saying You Can’t…

But it’s really hard. Like really hard. Especially if you’re trying to land one of these jobs at a good company and not just anyone who will take you without experience.


The Problem:

  1. The average job opening gets 118 applications. That’s way too many for one recruiter to go through.
  2. Because of that, companies put filters in their job application software to weed out applicants who don’t match their criteria.
  3. The main criteria employers know how to look for is experience. Which is why….

61% of Entry-Level Jobs Now Require 3+ Years of Experience!

That’s ridiculous. And it’s actually a huge problem in our society that many are calling “The Skills Gap”.


But we know how to fix it. And it starts with you. Going through our program proves to employers you have the skills and knowledge they need in the role and that you’re committed to this career!



Which Is All They Really Want!



Glad You Asked!

We are online, flexible, and personalized career bootcamps designed to develop individuals with the exact skills and knowledge employers are looking for in either Business Development or Recruiter roles and then help them land the job.  

Flexible Training

Our twelve week programs are structured to allow you to learn at your own time. Schedule your private live coaching sessions when they fit your life and otherwise do the online learning when you decide. (NO SET CLASSES!)


Dedicated Team

When you join one of our programs, you’ll receive a dedicated student success manager, career coach, and recruiter who are all dedicated to training, certifying, and helping you land a job that’s right for you.


Guaranteed Work Experience

All students are guaranteed (but not required) the opportunity to work for CareerDash’s Career Center while in the program. Get real world experience to help you develop as a talent, prove to hiring companies you’re here to succeed, earn commission, and have a blast on our team.


Lifetime Career Center

Our Career Services provide you everything you need to successfully land your first role. You’ll receive 8 hours of career coaching to help you prepare your resume, find potential job opportunities, and prep for your interviews.

When you finish one of our programs, you’re not finished with us. Not by a long shot. We’re dedicated to growing your career from your first job to your last with our massive partner network, continued education, and active alumni.

None! And that’s the point!

You’ve been developing people skills your whole life. Our programs simply enhance those skills by training the role-specific competencies employers need to see before they hire you. 

It’s not rocket science. It’s people science.

Two Start Dates Each Month

Usually on the first and third Mondays. Speak with our Admissions Team to find out the next one.

High Quality, High Job Outcome Programs At A Fraction Of The Cost 

Programs like ours that deliver consistent job outcomes and offer dedicated teams to you as a student typically start around $8,000 and go up to $30,000. 


Not Ours!!

We offer the same quality programs at a fraction of the cost. We also make it easier for you to pay with flexible monthly options.


Tuition: $3200


Monthly: We offer flexible 12 or 18 month plans with payments beginning at the start of the program.

**Scholarships, MyCAA, and Financial Assistance may be available. Connect with Admissions to find out more.

That depends on you

We give you up to 13 weeks to complete our training but motivated students can finish in as few as 6 weeks.

*Typical students complete the course in 8-10 weeks.

Still Up To You!

We offer live session slots throughout the week to be as available as possible to our student base. If a time slot does not work for you, you can coordinate with your Career Coach.


We DO however partner with companies that actively want to hire our graduates and will connect you directly if you’re interested.

Great Question!

While several factors play into getting hired, we are proud to say that the majority of our graduates have received offer letters from companies they desire within 90 days of completing our programming.  Some take job offers while still in the program!


If you have one, you can use many of those skills in your work. However, the career program we offer does not require a college degree.   



Both jobs do require solid written and verbal communication skills.

$55,000 On Average

It depends on the company you work for and the location you take your first role.  That said, most entry-level positions within the fields that we designed our programs around start with an average yearly earnings in the $40k-$70k range with a 12-18 month promotion range.


Our courses were built to fit into your already hectic schedule. No set class times/dates. Learn when you can, how you want.

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